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Brunei Teaching Standards

The Brunei Ministry of Education required the development of new national Teaching Standards for the country of Brunei and  to design and deliver over 700 Heads, Deputies, Inspectors and Officials over an 18-month period.

The project was successfully completed on time, on budget and with exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with you, the new Standards have been approved and announced by the King and represent as a milestone to bring about changes in High quality Education.”

Brunei Schools Inspectorate Lead

Cayman Islands Baseline Inspection

The Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs in the Cayman Islands required support to conduct a comprehensive baseline inspection of all of their state schools in order to assess current performance and identified areas for improvement. This resulting review included 15 schools of different sizes, phases and aspects and the development of a bespoke inspection approach in order to assess overall effectiveness  across the entire state schooling system on the island.


“The Baseline Inspections and Education System Review reports have highlighted some difficult realities about our education system, the reviews have been completed as promised, and we have utilised this information to develop a clear pathway to improvement on all fronts.."

Minister for Education Cayman Islands

GEMS Education Benchmarking

GEMS Education is an international education company, based in Dubai, working across the private, public and philanthropic sectors.  The business provides pre-school, primary and secondary education to over 142,000 students from 151 countries, employing over 11,000 education professionals, specialists and staff. The project focused on a comprehensive curriculum benchmarking and teaching and learning review for GEMS Education for schools in the UK, France and Switzerland to provide a robust and assessment of the quality of teaching and learning.

“Thank you very much for all your support and patience over the last couple of months – I have really enjoyed working with you both and the two reports produced are fantastic.” 

GEMS Project Lead

ARK Schools Operating Model Design

Ark Schools is an education charity and one of the country’s top-performing academy operators. Their network comprises of over 30 schools in England. The project focused on the design and development of a new operating model to support ARK Schools to grow its network to 50. This included the review of service delivery options for all core operational functions including IT data & systems, projects & change (growth) function and the design of revised organisational structure for the next 5 years including a cost and budget model.

“You have been absolutely vital in helping us develop a sustainable growth model. The thing that really sets you apart is that they really see the bigger picture and are truly strategic not tactical.” 


UCAS Leadership Development

UCAS provides application services across a range of subject areas and modes of study for UK higher education providers. UCAS processes over 2.5 million applications every year, for some 650,000 prospective students across the UK and beyond: helping them gain access to more than 340 UK universities and colleges.  UCAS identified a critical need to develop the skills and capabilities of its leaders across a number of critical disciplines.  The support provided involved the design and delivery of interactive and accredited courses for over 50 leaders in areas such as change management, problem solving and innovation.

“The support you provided was incredibly well received and the feedback from participants was fantastic. .” 

UCAS OD Director

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