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We bring unrivalled data, insight and practical experience in developing strategies for engaging and enhancing the performance for all students from early years through to FE and HE.


We can provide support in a range of areas including how to:


  • Implement best practice teaching approaches

  • Develop effective teaching standards 

  • Design engaging curriculums that engage all types of student 

  • Assessing safeguarding arrangements 

  • Determine effective interventions to target specific groups of students including those with SEND and the Able, Gifted and Talented

  • Harness emerging technologies to create a blended learning environment

Case Study – Cayman Islands Baseline Inspection

The Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs in the Cayman Islands required support to conduct a comprehensive baseline inspection of all of their state schools in order to assess current performance and identify areas for improvement.

This resulting review included 15 schools of different sizes, phases and aspects and the development of a bespoke inspection approach in order to assess overall effectiveness  across the entire state schooling system on the island. 

“The Baseline Inspections and Education System Review reports have highlighted some difficult realities about our education system, the reviews have been completed as promised, and we have utilised this information to develop a clear pathway to improvement on all fronts.."

Tara Rivers, Minister for Education Cayman Islands

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